UX Bucharest 2017

9 top notch speakers. 3 days of workshops.
1 day of pure energy and inspiration.
All about UX and CX. About delightful products and services.
All about Experience.


UX Bucharest is not just an international UX and CX conference. It's an inspirational adventure. A training field for all those unknown heroes struggling| to design, develop and manage products and services that users love.

UX Bucharest is not just an international UX and CX conference. It's an inspirational adventure. A training field for all those unknown heroes aspiring, struggling, fighting to design, develop and manage products and services that users love.

3 Oct

CX Workshops Day

Service design / Methodology
Innovation in products and services.

Seats are limited to 35/workshop, 70/day.

4 Oct

UX Workshops Day

Product design / UX Design Methodology and Processes.

Seats are limited to 35/workshop, 70/day.

5 Oct

UX Workshops Day

User Research / Personas / Journeymap
UX Strategy

Seats are limited to 35/workshop, 70/day.

6 Oct.

Conference Day

9 talks from UX&CX industry leaders, delicious food and drinks, networking opportunities.

And of course, a fantastic Party!

Wondering if you should join this adventure?

We think it goes without saying. Because we invite you to be inspired about building living and comprehensive experiences. We encourage you to learn about how the experience is not limited to UI but it starts from an idea and goes far beyond the product itself and actually never ends but transforms or evolves. About how we need to strategically think these experiences for the now, but learning from the past and preparing for the future.

Who is this Conference for?


Product Manager, Project Manager, CEO or Company Manager you should be part of the things that will change the future of your product or the faith of your enterprise.

UX Afficionados

Learn best practices from global UX Design experts. UX Bucharest features an incredible roster of experts that really know the value of designing amazing user experiences.

CX People

Go beyond leveraging measuring customer satisfaction. Learn how to approach, analyize and enhance customer journeys across all available touchpoints.


UX Bucharest carries its fair share of technical content, but don’t worry, we’re also welcoming non-technical and beginning UX Designers. Just join us and allow us to enlighten and inspire you! .

"I really hate the light-bulb ideea picture. That doesn't really happen. It's agonizng to make products, to have good ideas to bring to the market. Its a lot of hard work."

Jeoff Dowd - UX Bucharest 2015

From founders and legends to field disruptors and thought leaders, we're bringing worldclass names to deliver:

Dana Chisnell.

Adjunct Professor at Harvard Kenedy School and Co-director of Center for Civic Design, Dana Chisnell is an elections geek and UX research nerd (her words) who has trained thousands of people, including government workers, to test their designs. But what she really loves is giving design literacy to the world. She's the co-author of "Handbook of Usability Testing Second Edition".

Jared Spool.

Jared M. Spool is a co-founder of Center Centre and the founder of UIE. While he led UIE, the industry research firm he started in 1988, the field of UX design emerged and Jared helped define what makes UX designers successful all over the world. UIE's world-class research organization produces conferences and workshops all over the world and for companies in every industry.
In 2016, with Dr. Leslie Jensen-Inman, he opened Center Centre, a new school in Chattanooga, TN to create the next generation of industry-ready UX Designers. They created a revolutionary approach to vocational training, infusing Jared's decades of UX experience with Leslie's mastery of experience-based learning methodologies.

Andy Budd.

Andy knows that design-led thought and action can set an organisation apart. As CEO of Clearleft, and as an interactions and usability specialist, he understands that human- centred, thoroughly-tested design is an essential way to set high standards for the experience an organisation wants to deliver. Design has become one of the key differentiators between a good product and an excellent product.


Gregg Bernstein.

Senior User Researcher at Vox Media, Inc. Gregg Bernstein is an accomplished user and product researcher. He spends his days listening, thinking, collaborating, analyzing, writing, and then listening some more... He also speaks around the world about his work at international conferences and for such companies as Etsy, EA Games, Fullstory, and more.

He built an innovative and influential research practice over his four years at MailChimp, and taught design, branding, and typography at Georgia State University. In a previous life, he designed for clients in the music and advertising industries.

Adrian Swinscoe.

Adrian Swinscoe has been consulting to and coaching entrepreneurs & executives on business strategy, customer experience strategy, customer insight, marketing and business development for the last 20 years.

He helps his clients grow their businesses through creative, innovative and cost effective business development strategies, with a particular focus on engaging their customers more and improving customer experience and service. In April 2016 he published a new book called: “How To Wow”


Juho Paasonen

Building and fostering happy creative teams, Juho has roamed organizations around Europe as a freelance Cultural Change Agent, specializing in helping companies and non-profits of all sizes with the large-scale change management that needs to happen when shifting to the next gear in human-centered practices.

Cennydd Bowles

Designer and writer focusing on the ethics of emerging technologies. He has worked with companies including Twitter, Samsung, and WWF, is author of the popular Undercover User Experience Design and is now working on his second book, due 2017.


Jonah Becker

Jonah Becker is VP of Design at Fitbit, where he leads the UX, UX Research, and Industrial Design teams to create meaningful health and fitness product experiences. With a sharp eye for cultural relevance, he thrives on building great products, teams, and brands.
Before joining Fitbit, Jonah was VP of Industrial Design at HTC, where he led the design team on roadmap, future vision, and branding programs, playing a lead role in the company's success in the smartphone market and expansion into new categories.

Giulia Calabretta

Giulia Calabretta

Assistant Professor Giulia Calabretta is an experienced researcher and lecturer on how design can effectively guide businesses towards becoming more innovative in nature and structure. She combines her management experience and design knowledge to demonstrate how integrating business and design practices permanently will prepare organizations to embrace innovation.

Phil Clevenger

Phil Clevenger is Senior Director, Experience Design for Adobe Systems. He began his career at Adobe in 2005 with the design of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom; subsequently he built out creative teams for Adobe while living in India, and is currently leading the worldwide organization responsible for designing Adobe's Experience Cloud suite of enterprise products.
Phil is a citizen of San Francisco, California, USA, where he happily lives with his wife and three unruly dogs.

Giulia Calabretta

Andre Jay Meissner

Jay is a Metalhead working on Adobe XD. Prior to joining Adobe, he designed and developed complex web apps and human friendly enterprise workflows with his own software company. In his spare time Jay is building his own furniture. He runs http://IxDAberlin.de and http://OpenDeviceLab.com, a nonprofit helping to establish and promote Open Device Labs to ultimately help the web and user experience forward. .

Fred Montijin

After obtaining his masters degree in Industrial Design, Fred worked at several studios and co-founded the design studio Zilver. In 2006 he founded the tech start-up Sparckl where they incorporated serious gaming, persuasive design and experience design principles to learning. Simultaneously, Fred was pulled towards the domain of service design, and in the following decade consulted for multinationals like Zodiac, Delta Lloyd, Europcar, Ebay and Canon. He's had the pleasure of teaching service design to students and post-grads at several institutes in the Netherlands for many years.

Giulia Calabretta

Scott Gould

Scott Gould is an author, speaker, and management advisor to Fortune Global 500 companies and international NGOs, helping them improve their customer engagement and develop enduring connections with their users.
Formerly he founded one of the first Twitter hashtag communities, and ran a top-10 rated business conference, before leading a diverse inner city church. He has spent 18 years working in a broad range of engagement contexts, from aviation to education, leadership development to national government, from media and entertainment to digital technology, and from event production to being a church pastor.
Scott is chair of the UK chapter of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.
He is also a poet, has a young family, and quite controversially, does not like cat memes.


3 OCT: CX Track

Get up to speed with the latest practices in customer experience with two workshops from seasoned industry experts. In this workshop track, expect to cover tools and strategies for designing coherent services that minimise user’s friction, see proven approaches that ensure coherent cross channel experiences or methods for aligning of your products, services and marketing activities to better fit your brand voice.

  • Workshop 1

    How To Get To Wow - Key Insights to Help You Deliver An Amazing Customer Experience

  • Workshop 2

    Service Design in practice: frameworks, cases and a healthy dose of doing

4 & 5 OCT: UX Track

Brush up on your skills in four workshops from UX veterans and superstars. The workshops cover the full spectrum of UX design processes: user understanding and research, design methodologies and strategy, mastering visual design and UX prototyping.


Sheraton Bucharest

Have a thrilling |experience, in downtown Bucharest, Romania.
Workshops, conference talks, great food, all in one great location.

Have a thrilling UX / CX experience, in downtown Bucharest, Romania.
Workshops, conference talks, great food, all in one great location.

Calea Dorobantilor 5-7
Bucharest 010551

Quotes from our speakers

We tend to think that information is exploding. But it's actually everything else that is exploding. That creates a lot of opportunities for design, going well beyond just making things look better.

Karl Fast, UX Bucharest 2015

Don't create personas before interacting with anyone at all. It's not Real.

Steve Fisher, UX Bucharest 2015

80% of companies leadership teams think that they're offering outstanding customer experiences. Less than 8% of customers feel they're getting that.

Ingrid Lindberg, UX Bucharest 2015

IA is not just card sorting anymore. We need to become adept at working with the native fabric of the web.


The design community has co-opted the words of “magic” and “delight” without often delivering the wonder that those words imply.

Josh Clark, UX Bucharest 2015

If you want to build innovation, it’s all about coherence. And coherence is the enterprise brand, a construct that functions as foundation for sustainable growth, if you build it well.

Erik Roscam Abbing


Price Quantity
Conference Day
1 Day full of inspirational Talks
€ 265
CX Journey
1 day of CX Workshops + Conference Day
€ 345 SOLD OUT
UX Journey
2 days of UX Workshops + Conference Day
€ 445 SOLD OUT
FULL Experience: UX & CX
3 Days with all UX&CX Workshops + Conference Day
€ 645 SOLD OUT

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